#82 Is it normal?

Or is it just me, with you?

Lídia de Oliveira
2 min readMar 20, 2022


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“There are no norms. All people are exceptions to a rule that doesn’t exist.”
Fernando Pessoa

Is it normal to fantasize, dream awake, desire
thinking repeatedly of the same person
remembering all the words, all the conversations
all the weird small detailed data you heard just once
Is it normal to have all this constant movie repetition in your head?
coming inadvertently to your memory
in all the times of day
almost craving their voice and touch
and when you meet the person
when you actually talk and see the body moving
somehow all that fairy tale pink bliss melts away?
it vanishes like dust and your brain goes like

“but he is just this regular person…
that I don’t even like so much!”

Then you drift apart a few days and there it is
that glorified photography comes again
haunting once more when you bathe, cook, eat, drive…
in multiple orgasms and romantic idyllic scenarios
Why does our mind play these tricks on us?
Can we avoid it?
Loving the idea of someone can truly be intriguing.

How can we unhook this loop?

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Lídia de Oliveira

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