#56 Last Embrace

Lídia de Oliveira
2 min readFeb 7, 2022
Leaving wonderland by Christian Schloe

What if I leave?

Would you chase me?

Would you miss me?

Or would you just turn around

shrink your shoulders

say oh well

and immediately turn to other people?

because sometimes we just need to feel

we are irreplaceable to someone

that we have our spot in the heart

of that person that they’ll never fill again.

Today I felt I was saying goodbye

Not physically, definitely, truly

But in a way only I knew

I felt your embrace so deeply

almost too deeply

merging and blending souls

If we didn’t separate quickly we would coalesce

The kind of embrace that makes us unconscious

with that ear buzz and disturbing heat for seconds

capable of being like that forever

But I felt that was probably the last one

So I pulled myself out of your arms

Remembering I should pull you out of my thoughts

of my daily habits and wishes

and let you go

will you chase me?

will you miss me?

I don’t know.

I only know I have to step back

Say no to the fantasy of you

And like a grown up I should be

return prudently to my track.

Lídia de Oliveira

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