#47 Gaze

Lídia de Oliveira
1 min readJan 21, 2022
Gaze by Axel Saffran

The particular chemistry of your gaze

Shoots my senses and dips them in hot chocolate

Allowing just minimum action to occur

It instills in my brain a fog so dense

I honestly forget my whole name

I become hypnotized and warm

Like a puppet stringed by your eyes

white smoke confuses my thoughts

and I’m automatically driven by anything you do

letting myself flow and fall into this desire.

Your gaze feels like ember

slowly cooking my heart out

and melting my judgement

It strikes me so so deep

I forget how to move naturally

I just wait for your kiss

for you to lead my hands

and take my body into yours

in this mesmerized dimension of two

with no time and space

just this

your anchored eyes on me

fused like an electric circuit

of infinite intensity

Our breaths paired

Nowhere else to be.

Nothing else to do.

Just me.

Just you.



Lídia de Oliveira

Poet, family doctor and fitness instructor. Seeker of meaning, passion and creativity. Do you dare bringing poetry back with me?