#131 Don’t fall for me

Lídia de Oliveira
2 min readAug 11, 2023

Don’t fall in love with me, my dear,
For I am not what I may appear.
My heart may flutter like a butterfly’s wing,
But commitment’s a word I don’t often bring.

I can be a storm, wild and fierce,
Leaving you wondering what’s gone awry, which is averse.
I may seem charming, with a captivating smile,
But beware, my love has a tendency to beguile.

I am a wanderer, a drifter in the night,
Never staying long in one person’s sight.
My passion is fleeting, like a shooting star,
A brief moment of wonder, then fades afar.

I am a puzzle, my pieces scattered and unknown,
Making it hard for someone to call me their own.
I dance through life, embracing the unknown,
With a restless spirit, forever on the roam.

So please, my dear, don’t let your heart go astray,
Find someone stable, who can brightly stay.
I’m not the one for happily ever after,
My love’s transient, like echoes in laughter.

For I am a dreamer, searching for the next high,
A nomad soul, beneath a kaleidoscope sky.
Don’t fall in love with me, it’s a dangerous game,
One that’ll only leave your heart in the flame.



Lídia de Oliveira

Poet, family doctor and fitness instructor. Seeker of meaning, passion and creativity. Do you dare bringing poetry back with me?