#129 Am I loving enough?

Lídia de Oliveira
2 min readAug 9
image available at pixabay.com

Am I loving enough, I often ponder,
Do my actions speak louder, or my heart yonder?
In the depths of my soul, I search for proof,
If my affection runs deep, beneath our roof.

Are my words kind and gentle, when you’re feeling low?
Do I hold you tightly, and let my love show?
Amidst the chaos, and storms that may brew,
Is my love a constant, steadfast and true?

Do I listen intently, to your every plea?
Am I your refuge, when you need to be free?
When darkness falls upon your weary soul,
Do I envelop you, and make you feel whole?

Is my touch a balm, on your tired skin?
Do I see your flaws, and still cherish from within?
When you doubt your worth, do I lift you high?
Am I loving enough, to make your spirit fly?

Do I make you laugh, when tears cloud your eye?
Do I wipe them away, when you start to cry?
In moments of silence, where words are scarce,
Do my embrace and presence bring you solace?

Am I there to support you, in your grand dreams?
Do I celebrate your triumphs, or so it seems?
When you stumble and fall, do I lift you up strong?
Am I loving enough, to help you along?

These questions linger, as doubts start to creep,
But deep in my heart, the love for you seeps.
For amidst all imperfections, love’s truth reveals,
That in my actions and words, my love truly feels.

So yes, I am loving enough, in my own unique way,
With every beat of my heart, it says “I’ll always stay.”
In this dance of love, where we both take part,
I’ll strive to love you fiercely, with all my heart.

Lídia de Oliveira

Poet, family doctor and fitness instructor. Seeker of meaning, passion and creativity. Do you dare bringing poetry back with me?