#125 Kiss me more

Whisper in my ear “meet me outside”
when I least expect it
making me stop listening the music
and be deafened by my heartbeat.

Tingling bellybutton frenzy
in a multicoloured unicorn party
with fans bursting colourful confetti
that’s where you leave me

I go
I see you
Fishing bowl brain taking over
With no world coming in
Just my senses on

You take my face into your hands
and kiss me deeply
Not letting me be prepared
Not letting me breathe

My feet leave the soil
Outer limits of my body disappear
Leaving a melted, foggy, post orgasmic feeling
of non existence

“Kiss me more” I say
Never stop kissing me
Let this be the way
of setting my soul free.



Lídia de Oliveira

Poet, family doctor and fitness instructor. Seeker of meaning, passion and creativity. Do you dare bringing poetry back with me?