#112 Should I wait?


Doubts about roaming other paths.

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Some of our important choices have a time line. If we delay a decision, the opportunity is gone forever. Sometimes our doubts keep us from making a choice that involves change. Thus an opportunity may be missed.

James E. Faust

Should I wait?
Or should I turn the other way
and start it all over again

Should I wait for our recognition
for your appreciation of value
to know if I’ll stay?
Or should I gather my broken glass pieces
And glue them far away from here.

When will I decide to face the truth
And know I’m not made to be tied
to places, persons and circumstances
I should release this tight knot
And leave, breathe and reconnect
I might never have another chance to act.



Lídia de Oliveira

Poet, family doctor and fitness instructor. Seeker of meaning, passion and creativity. Do you dare bringing poetry back with me?